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About Us

As the fast growing safety company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and India, Euro Gulf Safety Consultant has huge experience to improve its variety of Health, Safety and Environment training courses. We provide one of the largest range of health & safety training courses in UAE and India from experts whose level right up to manager, Board level trainers and Export trainer.

euro Gulf has maintained a good rapport which derives its reputation in the market, the reputation is one of its most valuable asset in the long run.

We strive hard to

* Grow and become an undisputed market leader in the training, inspection and certification business with 100% sustainable, quality, health, safety, environment & high standards.

* Focus and Establish world class health , safety, environment and quality a way of life by professional services with the most qualified people and equipment.

* Enable and sustain Euro Gulf employees to provide quality services and archive results to fullest satisfaction of its customers.

Euro Gulf Safety Consultant provides best quality training, services and course certificates. Moreover, we glad to show our fast responses to our respected clients and candidates.

Our health & safety training has huge potential in all levels of industries, corporate companies, schools and colleges in Abu Dhabi - Dubai, India as well as in different parts of the world.

Euro Gulf Safety Consultant has its own accreditation institute to offer International Safety courses. No matter in which industry you are in, our training courses are simple and provide immense knowledge on safety measures that helps all who want to start their career in the safety industry.


At Euro Gulf Safety Consultant and Academy, we envision a future where safety is not just a requirement, but a fundamental value ingrained in every aspect of society. Our futuristic vision transcends boundaries, uniting India, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia in a shared commitment to creating a world where every individual return home safely, every workplace thrives on security, and every community flourish with preparedness.

In this future, our expertise and innovative solutions will form a shield of protection, guarding lives, businesses, and environments against all forms of potential harm. We see a world where advanced technologies, cutting-edge training, and unwavering dedication converge to eliminate accidents, reduce risks, and build a culture where safety is second nature.


Our mission at Euro Gulf Safety Consultant and Academy is to spearhead the transformation of safety into a global standard, pioneering excellence in safety consultation and training across India, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. We are committed to delivering:

1. World-Class Consultation: We will provide comprehensive safety consultation services that transcend industries and geographies. Our expertise will enable organizations to identify vulnerabilities, implement best practices, and create risk-free environments, ensuring the safety of personnel, assets, and operations.

2. Cutting-Edge Training: We will be at the forefront of training methodologies, leveraging the power of virtual reality, simulations, and interactive platforms to equip individuals with practical, hands-on experience in handling emergencies and adhering to safety protocols. Our training programs will cultivate a skilled workforce capable of preventing incidents before they occur.

3. Innovation and Technology: Embracing the technological advancements of the future, we will integrate AI-driven risk assessments, predictive analytics, and real-time monitoring to foresee potential hazards and take proactive measures. Our commitment to innovation will enable us to continuously refine safety standards and methodologies.

4. Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Bridging the rich cultural tapestry of India, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, we will foster a community of safety advocates who share knowledge, experiences, and insights. By respecting diverse perspectives, we will enrich our collective understanding of safety and create a more robust safety ecosystem.

5. Sustainability and Environmental Protection: As stewards of the planet, we will promote sustainable practices that intertwine safety with environmental protection. Our initiatives will contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of industries while ensuring the well-being of both people and the planet.

6. Advocacy and Awareness: We will take on the mantle of safety ambassadors, engaging in public awareness campaigns, seminars, and collaborations with educational institutions to embed safety consciousness in the minds of future generations. Our goal is to make safety a way of life, from schools to workplaces and beyond.

In synergy with our partners, clients, and communities, we are dedicated to shaping a future where safety is not just a shield, but a beacon guiding humanity toward progress, prosperity, and peace of mind. Euro Gulf Safety Consultant and Academy is committed to forging this path, advancing safety into a universal language that unites and protects us all.


Euro Gulf Safety Consultant conducts job fair to place HSE professionals exclusively for Euro Gulf members.




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